Top 7 Things to Do in Grand Place Brussels Square

Grand Place Brussels Square is a historic square that dates back to The Seventeenth Century. The square is named for the Geographical Center. Grand Square Brussels is famous for its special alleyways, attractive houses, and traditional music, which can often be noticed drifting through the streets and enjoying such moments is one of the best things to do in Brussels . Travelers can discover many historic landmarks, and embrace the stunning views of one of the famous attractions in Brussels !

And it should also be mentioned that the Grand Place Brussels possesses a number of charming branched streets that you can explore after spending some time in the square such as Chandeliers, Charles Buls, and Beurre.

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The best activities to do in Grand Place Brussels Square

As soon as you get to the square we invite you to have a delightful walk around its various parts that are a joy to explore alongside a variety of adorable birds in addition to that, you’ll also have the chance to admire some of the most magnificent works of architecture in the nearby buildings and in case you start to get a little tired, there’s also sitting places available.

And now, it’s the right moment to inform you about the many attractive landmarks available that you’ll have the chance to visit while touring the square such as the Houses of the Grand Place, Royal Museums of Fine Arts, Brussels Town Hall, Brussels City Museum, and Comics Art Museum.

Grand Place Brussels
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Move on with your visit to the next section of the square that contains a number of shops where you’ll be able to browse through a lot of items and products and choose what you prefer most and memorabilia to commemorate your day at the square.

Furthermore, this square is even more attractive during the period of Christmas when you’ll have the opportunity to find a wonderful Christmas market that possesses plenty of cool items that you can browse and do all of your holiday shopping.

Allow us now to divert your attention to one of the most amusing parts of the square where you’ll have a chance to spend an amazing time watching a number of enchanting musical shows in the open

Grand Place Brussels
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After that, follow us to discover yet another inviting element of Grand Place Brussels which is the wonderful ice rink available where you’ll have the chance to experience an amusing activity and enjoy your time skating through the ice.

And visiting this square also grants you the possibility to truly immerse yourself into the culture and mingle with the locals in order to experience the glamour of the city due to the numerous events and national celebrations that are simply amazing.


Allow us to tell you about a place that you will surely like! It is time to visit the restaurant that offers you good service and tasty meals if you get a little hungry in addition to various wonderful cafes where you’ll have the chance to spend a delightful time with your friends.

The best attractions nearby Grand Square Brussels

After you finish your trip at the Grand Place Brussels we highly recommend you to stop by some amusing nearby attractions like Mont des Arts Park Brussels which is 574 M away from the street and Het Zinneke Statue Brussels which is 1.50 KM away.

Top nearby hotels to Grand Place Brussels Square

Hilton Hotel Brussels Grand Place is one of the best hotels in Brussels that’s situated at a distance of 1.26 KM from the square which is renowned for getting high reviews from travelers making it one of the top 4-star hotels in Brussels.

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Hotel Ibis Brussels off Grand Place is one of the best hotels in Brussels that’s located at a distance of 724 M from the square which is known for having high reviews from tourists making it one of the top 4-star hotels in Brussels.

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