Best 3 Things to See and Do in Gold Tower Seville

One of the most famous landmarks in Seville is Gold Tower Seville, which has earned a big reputation that made it a desirable location for a large audience of tourists throughout the year where you can spend an unforgettable time exploring the various pathways of this historical monument.

Once you’re inside this tower you’ll have an excellent chance to go on a mesmerizing journey in such an enchanting place that radiates with fragments of history everywhere which will feel as if you’re walking into another time making it one of the top best things to do in Seville .

Gold Tower Seville
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The best activities to do in Gold Tower Seville

At the start of your trip to one of the most interesting top attractions in Seville , we highly recommend you dive deeper into the history of The Gold Tower Seville.

Gold Tower Seville
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Following that, we invite you to try out an amazing experience which is to go up the tower where you can appreciate looking at a beautiful panoramic view and besides that, you’ll also have the opportunity to find an excellent viewing platform that provides you with a terrific view overseeing Guadalquivir River

Gold Tower Seville
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Next, you should also be aware that Gold Tower Seville offers you a great opportunity to enter various rooms and chambers that are filled with historical prices and exhibits that you can enjoy exploring in such a memorable experience that’s absolutely worth your time.

The Gold Tower in Seville Entry Fee

For adults 3 EUR
Free entry for the elderly
For children 1.5 EUR
Click on the link for more information

Opening hours

Saturday: open 10:30 – 18:45
Sunday: open 10:30 – 18:45
Monday: open 09:30 – 18:45
Tuesday: open 09:30 – 18:45
Wednesday: open 09:30 – 18:45
Thursday: open 09:30 – 18:45
Friday: open 09:30 – 18:45

Attractions nearby Gold Tower Seville

Your trip of tourism doesn’t necessarily have to end here as you’ll be glad to know that this fort is cornered by a collection of wonderful nearby attractions that you’ll have the possibility to check out such as  The Royal Alcazar Square Seville that’s 2.55 KM away and The Giralda Tower Seville that’s 3.64 KM away.

The top nearby hotels to The Gold Tower in Seville

Naturally, tourists like to stay close to the place and you’ll be glad to know that this tower is surrounded by some of the best hotels such as Hotel Alfonso XII Seville which has a review of 5 stars that’s 2.31 KM away.

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And if you want to have an amazing holiday with your friends and family, you’ll be happy to know the tower is surrounded by many enchanting and affordable hotels that had great reviews from guests such asHotel Dona Maria Sevilla that has the review of 4 stars that’s 3.54 KM away.

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Gold Tower Seville location on the map

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    Where is Gold Tower Seville located?
    You can view the location of Gold Tower on Google Maps, in addition to the most important info about it in this article.
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    What does Gold Tower contain?
    In this report, you will learn about the most important contents of the fort and the activities that can be carried out there.
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    How much the entry prices for Gold Tower?
    This article has the required info about entry fees and opening hours.

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