Best 6 Things to Do in Gibralfaro Castle Malaga

The first thing that comes to mind when we mention the best things to do in Malaga is to visit Gibralfaro Castle, which draws a huge audience of visitors all year due to its wide reputation as one of the most famous landmarks in the city. Here, you’ll have an amazing chance to explore its brilliant architecture and learn more about the glorious history of the city by touring. The castle is located on top of an elevated hill, which gives it a stunning view overlooking the Alboran Sea.

Spanning an area of 21,310 m², this castle is a perfect place for all age groups, where you’ll be able to spend a fun and informative time in an experience that will feel like you’re stepping into a location from a time long past, making it one of the best attractions in Malaga . When you visit this place, you can explore its high walls.

Moreover, we would like to inform you that this castle was built under the orders of King Yusuf I, and the reason for its construction was to serve as the first line of defense for the city.

Gibralfaro Castle Malaga - قلعة جيبرالفارو ملقا
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The best activities to do in Gibralfaro Castle Malaga

In order for your trip to be as expected, you can begin roaming in the spacious courtyard and relish watching the methods of architecture used in the castle. For more usefulness and amusement, you can take advantage of the guided tours that allow you to learn a lot of information about Gibralfaro Castle Malaga or use the audio guides that tell many useful things.

During your trip to the fortress, which overlooks the Alboran Sea, you will relish many stunning scenes, and you can sit in the available cafe that suits all tastes and relax for a while.

Gibralfaro Castle Malaga - قلعة جيبرالفارو في ملقا
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As a first activity, we invite you to check out the different rooms and halls of the castle that will be so enjoyable to explore. You’ll be able to learn more about their old lifestyle and have the opportunity to see the reception hall.

During your visit to Gibralfaro Castle in Malaga, you will see a variety of cannons, swords, daggers, shields, spears, bows, and guns, which help you get an idea of the evolution of warfare over various periods.

Gibralfaro Castle Malaga - قلعة جيبرالفارو ملقا
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Furthermore, you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy watching a collection of tunnels that are so interesting to go through.

And it’s also noteworthy to mention that this castle contains a wonderful park that’s an excellent spot to have a delightful time with your friends and loved ones, and if you begin to get tired it won’t be difficult to find a place to relax in one of the various seating areas available.

Gibralfaro Castle in Malaga - قلعة جيبرالفارو ملقا
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You can also find many different facilities and services in the castle that will make your trip easier, such as restaurants, parking, cafes, and public restrooms.

Gibralfaro Castle Malaga Entry Fee

For adults 3.5 EUR
Prices last updated: Thu Jun 23, 2022
Click on the link for more information

Opening hours

Every day 09:00 – 20:00

Attractions nearby Gibralfaro Castle Malaga

Gibralfaro Castle is cornered by some of the most alluring tourist avenues in Malaga that tourists can pass through after an enjoyable time at the castle, such as Alcazaba Fortress Malaga, which is 3.26 km away.

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Malaga Gibralfaro Parador Hotel is one of the best hotels in Malaga close to the castle, at a distance of 289 m. It is renowned for its great services and is considered one of the top 4-star hotels in Malaga.

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