Top 6 things to do in Edenlandia Amusement Park Naples

If you ever find yourself wondering about the fun things to do in Naples and the best things to do in Naples , Edenlandia Amusement Park is an ideal option to visit as it is regarded as one of the best amusement parks in Naples that offers you a great opportunity to have a change of sceneries and enjoy an exciting time with your friends and family in this park.

Edenlandia Amusement Park Naples fits the preferences of all age groups, children and adults alike thanks to offering plenty of entertaining activities and rides.

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Things to do at Edenlandia Amusement Park Naples

• After searching for the best things to do in Naples with family, you have come to Edenlandia Amusement Park Naples, so it would be an excellent idea to commence your journey with a stroll throughout the various sections of the park in order to discover the available games and attractions.

• There is a great number of electric games in Edenlandia Amusement Park that you will love, and you’ll have the opportunity to experience them while visiting the park.

• And you’ll be happy to know that your journey in Edenlandia Amusement Park Naples is not over yet because there are still various attractions left to explore and now, it’s the right time to inform you about the number of amazing water games available that you’ll surely enjoy.

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• Afterwards, it would also be an excellent option to move on with your visit to the following section of Edenlandia Amusement Park where you can find a collection of delightful kids’ games, so if you are looking for the best things to do in Naples with kids , a visit to Edenlandia Amusement Park Naples will make you all happy.

• The fun never stops here because there are always numerous other attractions and activities at every turn and now, it’s time to inform you about the youngster games available.

• On top of all of the various games we previously cited, you’ll also have the possibility to check out a collection of unique games such as Octopus Game, The Scissors Game, and Ferris Wheel.

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Edenlandia Opening hours

Saturday: open 11:30 – 23:30
Sunday: open 11:30 -23:30
Monday: open 9:00 – 21:00
Tuesday: open 9:00 – 21:00
Wednesday: open 9:00 – 21:00
Thursday: open 9:00 – 21:00
Friday: open 9:00 – 21:00

Attractions near Edenlandia Amusement Park Naples

When you finish your journey at Edenlandia Amusement Park we advise you to pass through some wonderful nearby attractions in Naples for families like Naples Zoo that’s 140 M away.

Hotels near Edenlandia Amusement Park

Hotel Cristina Naples is one of the top hotels in Naples, it’s established at a distance of 1.8 KM from the park and is well known for its excellent location as well as presenting outstanding service making it one of the top 3-star hotels in Naples.

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Edenlandia Amusement Park Naples location on the map

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