Best 3 things to do in Dahariz Market Salalah

One of the first locations that comes to mind when we mention the best things to do in Salalah , is Dahariz Market Salalah which draws the attention of a huge number of travelers and allows you the opportunity to enjoy shopping through an immense collection of wonderful shops and stores which makes this place one of the best Salalah markets .

This market has rightfully gained a wide reputation for being one of the most attractive destinations for shopping in Salalah where you can spend a great day exploring its many corners that are brimming with a number of amazing products and items and you should also know that this market is a diversified market.

Dahariz Market Salalah
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Things to do at Dahariz Market Salalah

The clothing stores offer quality styles at appropriate prices; thus, don’t miss this chance to at least have a look at the clothes stores in Dahariz Market. The stores include a collection of some traditional clothes that are beautifully made.

In the following part of the market, you’ll get to take a stroll through a number of shoe stores and choose what you prefer best from a multitude of different options from both local and international brands, and that’s not all because there are also plenty of wonderful bag stores that provide you with so many attractive models.

Make sure that you explore the local produce store, as it will provide you with all the essential ingredients to cook up something tasty. The vegetables there are also of superior quality.

Dahariz Market Salalah
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Walking inside Dahariz Market in Salalah though enjoyable is exhausting and after a few hours, you will absolutely feel hungry. Without a doubt, you can choose whatever you prefer, have a break, and enjoy a great meal of your choice.

We advise you to check out the section of the market that contains cafes where you can spend an amusing time hanging out with your friends and family.

Dahariz Market Opening Hours

Every day 08:00 – 12:00

Attractions near Dahariz Market in Salalah

In Salalah, there are some tourist places near Dahariz Market to which you can go and have fun like AlHafa Market Salalah that’s 7.3 KM away.

Dahariz Market Salalah location on the map

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    What are the most famous shops in Dahariz Market?
    Dahariz Market is famous for containing a lot of clothing shops in addition to bag and shoestores as well as shops that sell vegetables
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    Where is Dahariz Market Salalah located?
    You can browse the location of Dahariz Market on Google Maps, in addition to a lot of info about it in this article.
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    What are the opening hours for Dahariz Market?
    Daily: 08:00 – 12:00

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