Best 10 Things to Do in CretAquarium Crete

As it first started business in 2005, CretAquarium Crete is one of the best things to do in Crete and a perfect destination to check out if you’re planning to visit some of the best attractions in Crete for families , as it fits all age categories and grants you a great opportunity to discover the enchanting marine life up close. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy seeing 5,000 remarkable aquatic animals divided into 250 different types.

Visiting this aquarium is also known for being one of the fun things to do in Crete in Crete and captivates a large audience of visitors thanks to the numerous attractions and activities available, allowing you to spend a delightful day in the middle of a variety of beautiful aquatic animals in such a family-friendly place.

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Things to do at CretAquarium Crete

To have the right start to this nice visit to Crete Aquarium, it is always a good idea to have a general look that allows you to explore the various species of fish available. As you walk around the place, you’ll be able to enjoy seeing fish from all over the world, such as the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the temperate zone, and the Mediterranean.

Move on with your visit to the next corner of the aquarium, where you’ll have a rare opportunity to look at various shark species, which are considered some of the most incredible marine life creatures.

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And now, we invite you to have a soothing walk at your next stop in the middle of a rich collection of pleasant sea turtles and enjoy watching these remarkable animals that have existed since the time of dinosaurs.

CretAquarium Crete is home to more than just fish; while strolling through its numerous areas, you’ll also have the opportunity to see a variety of aquatic mammals, such as whales.

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Next, this aquarium grants you an excellent opportunity to learn more about marine life in a wonderful way. You’ll be able to enjoy seeing a collection of fascinating coral reefs and marine plants and observe plenty of marine creatures such as sea stars, sea shells, and crabs.

Moreover, you’ll also have a wonderful possibility to enjoy watching an extra variety of other sea life creatures while you’re wandering around, where you can find types like jellyfish, octopuses, and moray eels.

And one of the many reasons that CretAquarium appeals to a huge audience of guests is that it possesses an impressive diverse variety of marine life animals, with the most famous being Stephanolepis carrier, Yellowbar angelfish, Pennant coralfish, Red Lionfish, and Gilt head bream.

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The creatures of the sea are not limited to aquatic organisms only; many amphibious animals also contribute to an exciting experience where you can learn about interesting animals.

And if you want to take a step back and slow down a little from the different activities, we recommend you check out this zone of the aquarium, where you can spend some soothing time watching the fish being fed.

And you’ll be happy to know that CretAquarium in Crete presents you with an amazing professional photography service where you’ll have the opportunity to take some of the most alluring photographs to commemorate your visit to this attractive aquarium, making visiting it one of the top things to do in Crete with Kids .

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Services And Restaurants

At the end of your visit to CretAquarium in Crete, you’ll have the opportunity to find a collection of excellent restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious dish if you start to get hungry. Additionally, there are plenty of nice cafes that offer all types of drinks and beverages in a great atmosphere, perfect for hanging out.

And it goes without saying that the aquarium is equipped with all the important services and facilities that visitors need, such as free Wi-Fi, a gift shop, and parking.

Opening hours

Every day 09:30 – 19:00

CreteAquarium Entry Fee

For adults 10 EUR
For children 6 EUR
Click on the link for more information

Attractions near CretAquarium Crete

The aquarium is in the middle of some of the nicest tourist attractions in Crete that travelers have the chance to pass through after an amusing day at the aquarium, such as Dinosauria Park Crete that’s 1.02 km away.

Hotels near CretAquarium Crete

Mitsis Rinela Beach Resort Crete is one of the most amazing hotels in Crete, situated 2.68 km from the aquarium. It is famous for its great location, outstanding service, and high reviews from travelers, making it one of the top 5-star hotels in Crete.

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