Best 5 things to do in Chilanzar Shopping Center Tashkent

One of the first places that come to mind when talking about the best things to do in Tashkent , is Chilanzar Shopping Center Tashkent which invites the attention of a huge number of travelers that allows you the opportunity to enjoy shopping through a rich collection of amazing shops and stores which makes this place one of the best markets in Tashkent .

This market has deservedly gained a wide reputation for being one of the most interesting destinations for shopping in Tashkent where you can spend a great day walking around its numerous corners that are brimming with a variety of amazing products and items and you should also know that this market is a diversified market.

سوق شيلانزار طشقند - Chilanzar Shopping Center
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Things to do at Chilanzar Shopping Center Tashkent

• The clothing stores are of quality styles with suitable prices; therefore, don’t miss this opportunity to check out the clothes stores in Chilanzar Shopping Center. The stores include a collection of some traditional clothes which are beautifully made.

Chilanzar Shopping Center
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• In addition, there will be in the market an entire store for shoes. You will find various styles from particular brands: national and global. And if you are a fan of bags, there is an entire store in which you can buy whatever bag you admire among all the dazzling bags available in the market.

• To put it in a nutshell, one of the most suggested markets for shopping is Chilanzar Shopping Center for the availability of multiple household supply stores having many glorious items with appropriate prices.

Chilanzar Shopping Center
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• And for kitchen purposes, there are some stores that sell different spice types from which you can choose what suits your recipes making them just of out this world.

• Following that, we suggest that you stroll through the great vegetable market available where you’ll be able to find all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Chilanzar Shopping Center
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Walking inside the market though amusing is tiring and after a few hours, you will absolutely feel starving. Certainly, you can choose whatever you prefer, have a rest, and enjoy a tasty meal of your choice.

We advise you to drop by the area of Chilanzar Shopping Center which possesses cafes where you can spend a lovely time hanging out with your friends and loved ones.

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Attractions near Chilanzar Shopping Center Tashkent

In Tashkent, there are some tourist places near Chilanzar Shopping Center to which you can go and have fun like Gafur Gulyam Recreation Park Tashkent that’s 2 KM away, and Alisher Navoi National Park Tashkent that’s 3.6 KM away.

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