The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is one of the most frequented destinations by visitors who want to experience shopping in Chiang Mai thanks to containing a vast collection of good stores and boutiques where you can check out some excellent items and products making this place one of the best markets in Chiang Mai.

This market is also known for being one of the most captivating locations for those who are looking for the best things to do in Chiang Mai where you’ll be able to find numerous local and international brands that allow you the opportunity to spend a great day browsing them and it’s also notable to mention that this market is a diversified market.

السوق الليلي في شنغماي - Night Bazaar Chiang Mai
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Things to do at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

• Commence your journey at Night Bazaar Chiang Mai by wandering around in order to explore the clothing stores available where you’ll have the chance to check out a rich collection of traditional clothes that are truly wonderful and besides that, there are also various stores dedicated to children, women, and men.

Night Bazaar Chiang Mai
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• And in the next area of the market, you’ll get to take a walk through a variety of shoe stores and pick out what you prefer most from a multitude of different options from both local and international brands and that’s not all because there’s also plenty of great bag stores that offers you so many attractive models.

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar
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• And if you’re looking for something different, we highly recommend you to drop by the handicraft section which presents you with an amazing opportunity to explore various fascinating handicraft works including pottery utensils.

• Coming up next is the accessories corner of the market that allows you the opportunity to check out a collection of wonderful accessory stores and choose what you like best from a multitude of choices.

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar
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• Also, there is a particular section in Night Bazaar Chiang Mai that is mainly for the perfume to the extent that the best fragrances and perfumes can be found in this store.

Travelers usually frequent the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar to check out plenty of household supply stores where you can find a variety of products and at various fees many nice carpet stores.

• Do you have children in your family and want to make them glad about entertaining toys? There are some stores for toys suitable for almost all childhood ages and for the two genders, also.

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar
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• Are you looking for a totally different mobile phone or willing to change yours? Chiang Mai Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai is the perfect choice for such a willing. The market has a multitude of stores for phones in which you can find different types of phones from different widely known brands.

• It’s also worth mentioning that you can also shop for spices in this market as there are a collection of excellent spice stores available.

• In this following area, you’ll also be able to find a variety of amazing sweet shops that are definitely worth checking out.

Services and Restautants

Walking throughout the market though amazing is exhausting and after a few hours, you will undoubtedly feel hungry. That’s why we planned to have numerous restaurants available in the market itself like Mcdonald’s and Burger King. Surely, you can choose whatever you like, have a break, and enjoy a delicious meal of your choice.

Now follow us to the following area of the market to discover a collection of cafes that allow you the opportunity to spend an enjoyable time with your friends and family sipping your favorite beverages and among those cafés is Starbucks.

Tourists and travelers generally need some services and facilities and in order not to distract them, at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, you can find nearly all that you need, such as ATM, parking, mosque, and public toilets.

Opening Hours

Every day 17:00 – 00:00

Attractions near Night Bazaar Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai, there are some tourist locations near Chiang Mai Night Bazaar to which you can go and have fun like Three Kings Monument Chiang Mai that’s 3.08 KM away.

Hotels near Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

The Duangtawan Hotel Chiang Mai is one of the most amazing hotels in Chiang Mai that you should stay in when visiting the city, as it has an ideal location that’s approximately to the mall at a distance of 752 m and it’s also known for being one of the finest 4-star hotels in Thailand that provides great services and has high reviews from previous travellers.

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The Le Meridien Hotel Chiang Maiis viewed as one of the most amazing hotels in Chiang Mai, it’s only a space of 1.14 m from the market and is famous for its perfect site as well as presenting a great service and for having high reviews from travellers making it one of the major 5-star hotels in Chiang Mai.

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