Best 7 things to see in Casa Loma Palace Toronto

The first thing that comes to mind when we mention the best things to do in Toronto is to visit the impressive Casa Loma Palace Toronto which truly highlights the significant history of this city and allows tourists the opportunity to explore the various parts of one of the most amazing palaces in Toronto.

Visiting this palace is such a unique experience that will lead you on an enchanting journey that feels like stepping into a forgotten page of long-lost history which gives this place a wide reputation for being one of the most wonderful landmarks in Toronto.

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The top activities available in Casa Loma Palace Toronto

• Begin your journey in this enchanting palace by walking around its numerous corners where you can enjoy watching its wonderful architecture, This place is considered one of the best attractions in Toronto which we strongly recommend you go to it.

• Later on, it would also be a great idea to take a tour of the palace in order to discover its numerous fascinating rooms which will make you feel as if you’ve walked into a page of history as you’ll have a special opportunity to watch royal chambers.

• The next thing that we will be presenting in this article is the broad reception hall which is considered the heart of the palace. It has some alluring chandeliers hanging from the ceiling that will absolutely enchant you as well as several inscriptions and decorations that are worth seeing.

قصر كازا لوما تورنتو - Casa Loma
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• When you step into Casa Loma Palace Toronto, you’ll be captivated by various things but mainly, you’ll be impressed by its appealing antique furniture that you don’t see usually.

• Coming up next is the section of Casa Loma Palace that offers you the chance to spend an enjoyable time appreciating a diverse collection of valuable galleries and exhibits where you’ll be able to find plenty of antiques and old coins.

قصر كازا لوما تورنتو - Casa Loma Toronto
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• The next part of the palace is a perfect place for you to pass through if you happen to be an admirer of art as you’ll have a great chance to admire a number of art galleries such as fantastic sculptures and statues in addition to famous paintings.

• Tag along with us next to a captivating spot where you’ll have the opportunity to spend a great time with your friends and loved ones which is the excellent park that’s located around the palace.

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Opening hours

Every day 09:30 – 17:00

The top nearby hotels to Casa Loma Palace in Toronto

Chelsea Hotel Toronto is one of the best hotels in Toronto that’s established at a distance of 4.17 KM from the palace, which is renowned for its service and for having high reviews from guests making it one of the top  3-star hotels in Toronto.

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Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel is one of the best hotels in Toronto that you should check out when exploring the city as it has an excellent location that’s approximately to the palace at a distance of 5.72 KM and it’s also known for being one of the top 4-star hotels in Toronto.

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