Top 4 Fun Things to Do in Cafless Water Park Lombok

The first thing that jumps to mind when mentioning the best things to do in Lombok is to visit the Cafless Water Park Lombok which is a wonderful park that’s visited by so many people every year and that presents you with a great opportunity to spend an amusing day in such an awesome place that has various entertaining games and rides that fit the liking of all age categories.

This park is famous for being a perfect place for those who are looking for fun things to do in Lombok and want to organize an enjoyable trip with friends and family where you’ll be able to take advantage of a number of exciting activities that make this water park one of the most attractive of tourist attractions in Lombok.

Cafless Water Park Lombok
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Things to do at Cafless Water Park Lombok

• Are you wondering about the finest way to start your tour in Cafless Water Park Lombok? We are here to guide you! Get yourself ready for an energetic stroll to discover the games and the attractions that you will surely enjoy.
So this place is considered one of the best attractions in Lombok for families which we strongly recommend you to go.

• Bring your kids to play and have fun with the collection of children’s water games including children’s pools that are truly wonderful giving Cafless Water Park Lombok big popularity, especially among those who are looking for the best things to do in Lombok with kids.

Cafless Water Park Lombok
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• It is the needed time to create a funny memory! Cafless Water Park in Lombok gives you the opportunity to try the crazy water slides where you can spend time.

• This Water Park still contains another number of unique games that you’ll be able to check out like Multilane Water Slide and Aqua Loop.

Cafless Water Park Lombok
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• In Cafless Water Park Lombok you’ll be able to find a number of plenty of cafes.

Cafless Water Park Entry Fee

For adults 20000 INR

Attractions near Cafless Water Park Lombok

What makes the park so amazing is that it’s near some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Lombok that tourists are able to stop by after spending an amusing time at the park such as The Tanjung Bias Beach Lombok that’s 5.13 KM away.

Hotels near Cafless Water Park in Lombok

Astoria Hotel Lombok is one of the best and nearest Lombok hotels to the park which is 8.21 KM away and one of the most impressive 4 stars hotels in Lombok that offers a high level of services and facilities to go along with a perfect spot.

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The Jayakarta Beach Resort Lombok is one of the top hotels in Lombok that you should stay in when visiting the city as it has a perfect location that’s next to the park at a distance of 5.82 KM and it’s also considered one of the best 4-star hotels in Lombok.

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Cafless Water Park Lombok location on the map

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