Best 14 things to do in Botanical Garden Montreal

Do you love the green atmosphere when all trees surround you breathing fresh air? Then, our park is just your cure! Botanical Garden Montreal is one of the best parks in Montreal to which we highly recommend you to go. The total area of the park is almost 750000 M 2 and it was built in 1931.

Don’t be surprised; the number of plant species available in the park goes around 20000 types. Visiting this park is one of the best things to do in Montreal, particularly with your family or friends.

Montreal Botanical Garden
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Things to do in Botanical Garden Montreal

• Walking around Botanical Garden Montreal brings good benefits to your body, soul, and mind, too. There are fountains, green spaces, splendid trees, and water ponds.

• All things put particularly for your delight and comfort for the sake of naturally renewing your mood, recharging your energy, and facilitating a relaxing environment in which you re-live again going home with a newly-born person.

Montreal Botanical Garden
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• Are you in love with roses? Who doesn’t? Inside the park, there is a garden that is primarily for roses with various kinds and splendid smells. Going to this garden on its own forces you to feel much better. 

• While you are walking in Botanical Garden Montreal , you will notice how wonderful it is for the existence of some perennial trees and rare plants you cannot easily find in other parks. In addition, the park has a kind of carnivorous plants that capture any insects in the air which might ruin your journey.

• The park has some beautiful greenhouses which have different types of plants you must see. For example, there are some greenhouses of tropical plants, desert plants, and flowers. Not only this but also there are some fern plants that add beauty to the place. Additionally, aromatic plants are also available in the park that have a special smell you couldn’t skip!

Montreal Botanical Garden
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• Never be surprised to realize that some plants can adapt to difficult conditions. One of the most important plants of this type is the outdoor desert plants in addition to some hot region plants.

• In Montreal Botanical Garden, there is a section that is basically for tropical plants needing a tropical environment like outdoor tropical plants and tropical fruit trees.

• Have you ever heard of alpine plants? They are of observable vegetative variety, which grow in an environment that resembles the alpine one, known to be a dry cold environment.

Botanical Garden Montreal
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• Another captivating thing the park presents that is entirely different from other plants is the area which has some aquatic plants that are water-loving plants living in pools and some bodies of water.

• Every time we walk around Botanical Garden Montreal , we notice more new fascinating plants that have among their leaves more beauty like Bonsai, Bamboo, Gesneriaceae, Arums, and Begoniaceae.

• Your love for plants is going to provoke you to go and pass by the arboretum available there. At that arboretum, you will find a collection of distinct plants including roses, ornamentals, and small tiny trees. And if you would love to buy a kind of plant, the park lets you do so.

 • In addition, Montreal Botanical Garden has a form of a platform that oversees the Montreal Botanical Garden where you can enjoy this relaxing beauty. Furthermore, inside the park, you can enjoy having your drink at one of the cafes whose views are definitely splendid or eating at a restaurant with a nice view along with eating your preferred meal.

Botanical Garden Montreal
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• You will never get bored due to the various activities the park leads. Don’t be surprised; the park embraces a museum in which you can enjoy looking at the awesome exhibits available.

• Because your convenience is all that we are seeking, in Botanical Garden Montreal Montreal, there are some sitting places in the park that are mainly created for you to have a break. it is considered one of the best attractions in Montreal for families which we strongly recommend you to go.

Botanical Garden Montreal
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Entry prices

For adults 22 CAD
For children 11 CAD
Click on the link for more information

Opening hours

Every day 09:00 – 18:00

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One of the perfect hotels that we highly recommend is Hotel Universel Montreal, a 4-star hotel, that is 1.81 KM away from the park and its services are extremely majestic.

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