Do you love the green atmosphere when all trees surround you breathing fresh air? Then, our park is just your cure! Batumi Botanical Garden is one of the best Batumi parks to which we highly recommend you to go. The total area of the park is almost 1080000 M 2 and it was built in 1912.

Don’t be surprised; by the number of plant species available in the park types of magical species. All and about, the total number of plants is roughly 2037 which makes it one of the best things to do in Batumi , particularly with your family or friends. Looking at the Black Sea makes it definitely gorgeous and this widens more choices of yours.

حديقة النباتات باتومي - Batumi Botanical Garden
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Things to do in Batumi Botanical Garden

• Walking around Batumi Botanical Garden brings amazing benefits to your body, soul, and mind, too. There are green spaces, fountains, water ponds, impressive trees, some sculptures, and artificial waterfalls.

• All things put specifically for your delight and comfort for the sake of naturally renewing your mood, recharging your energy, and facilitating a nice environment in which you re-live again going home with a newly-born person.

حديقة النباتات في باتومي - Batumi Botanical Garden
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• In the park, there is a bus tour if you don’t prefer walking in which you can enjoy a journey to discover every possible detail the park embraces.

• Are you in love with roses? Who doesn’t? Inside the park, there is a garden that is especially for roses with different kinds and splendid smells. Going to this garden on its own forces you to feel much better. 

الحديقة النباتية باتومي - Batumi Botanical Garden
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• While you are in Batumi Botanical Garden , you will notice how special it is for the existence of some perennial trees and rare plants you cannot easily find in other parks.

• Never be amazed to find out that some plants can adapt to difficult conditions. One of the most important plants of this type is some hot region plants.

حديقة نباتات باتومي - Batumi Botanical Garden
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• In Batumi Botanical Garden , there is a part that is mainly for tropical plants that need a highly-moderate environment like outdoor tropical plants and tropical fruit trees.

• Another captivating section the park provides which is entirely different from other plants is the part having some aquatic plants that are water-loving plants living in pools and some bodies of water.

الحديقة النباتية في باتومي - Batumi Botanical Garden
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• Our day to get to know more plants in the park is just cool. This time we are talking about the Mediterranean plants which grow in an environment that resembles the Mediterranean climate: hot in summer and rainy in winter.

• In every time we walk around Batumi Botanical Garden, we notice more new exceptional plants that have among its leaves more beauty like Magnolia, Camellia sasanqua Thunb, and Floribunda.

Batumi Botanical Garden
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• It is worth mentioning that inside the park there is a fantastic arboretum that gathers a collection of several plants including roses, ornamentals, and small tiny trees; they are all ready to be planted. In addition, there is a chance for you to buy whatever form of plant you will prefer to have.

• One of the things which makes Batumi Botanical Garden definitely unique is the beautiful view of the Black Sea you must see. In addition, it has a form of a platform that oversees the Garden where you can enjoy this relaxing beauty. Also, inside the park, you can enjoy having your drink at one of the cafes whose views are certainly marvelous or eating at a restaurant with a nice view along with eating your preferred meal.

Batumi Botanical Garden
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• More and more surprises we didn’t tell yet. There is a beach the park looks at and the view which gathers a park and a beach is really splendid. Also, if you love swimming, the floor is all yours!

• As the sea is a world that one never gets bored of, here is an entertaining experience you can have. if you would like to have a private trip, there is a chance to rent a yacht and have your trip.

• Additionally, there are some small boats from which you can choose and have your own trip in the most suitable way you love.

• If you are wondering which form of sport one could do in the park, we are glad to tell you that there are some walking paths which are mainly created for you to do some walking sport.

Entry prices

For adults 20 GEL
For children 20 GEL
Click on the link for more information

Opening hours

Every day 09:00 – 19:30

Hotels near Batumi Botanical Garden

There is a nearby hotel that is extremely suggested, and its name is Holiday House Green Cape Batumi and it is far away from the park of approximately 676 M, and it has many advantages that you will admire.

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To get a suitable nearby hotel, we are here to guide you! We suggest Sunny Hotel Batumi which is only 1.41 KM away from the park and this hotel always wins 3-stars as reviews.

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