We suppose that on the weekend you will think of things to do in Zurich with family or friends. One of them is to visit Arboretum Park Zurich, which overlooks Lake Zurich, to spend a wonderfully enjoyable time having fun with your kids or even grandchildren.

A picnic at Arboretum Zurich Park is one of the best things to do in Zurich to spend an interesting day with your companions because it has wide green areas which have been improved to become one of the best parks in Zurich.

Arboretum Zurich

Things to do in Arboretum Zurich Park

If you want to spend a great day with your friends, we advise going to Arboretum Park which is full of leafy trees in different colors and really wide grass and flowers spaces, and when you get tired you may have a seat for a while on one of the available sitting places.

حديقة اربوريتوم في زيورخ _ Arboretum Park Zurich

One of the things you will see when you walk in Arboretum Park is its splendid views of Lake Zurich that will absolutely take your breath away.

And now tag along with us to one of the most alluring areas of the park where you can find an appealing vast blue lake which is an ideal location to have a wonderful time sitting on its edges.

Arboretum Zurich Park offers one of the most important and common sports, which is walking or jogging on one of the designated walking routes. Also, you can use these paths to take a tour on your own bicycle or rent one from the rental shops within the park.

Opening hours

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Attractions near Arboretum Zurich Park

What makes the park so great is that it’s next to some of the tourist attractions in Zurich that visitors are able to pass through such as FIFA World Museum Zurich that’s 0.5 KM away.

Hotels near Arboretum Park

Storchen Hotel Zurich is one of the best Zurich hotels which is 1.3 KM away, and one of the most wonderful 5-star hotels in Zurich that presents a high level of services and facilities to go along with an ideal site.

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Baur Au Lac Hotel Zurich is one of the best hotels in Zurich that’s approximate to the park with a distance of 1.0 KM which is also known for its perfect location as well as offering great services. it should also be pointed out that this hotel is recognized as one of the major 5-star hotels in Zurich and has high reviews from previous travelers.

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Arboretum Zurich Park location on the map

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