Best 14 Things to See in Al Ain National Museum

Visiting Al Ain National Museum is one of the best things to do in Al Ain , where it draws a huge audience of tourists all throughout the year due to the many interesting exhibitions and galleries that highlight the museum’s value as being one of the best museums in Al Ain.

The museum first opened its doors in 1971 and has deservedly acquired a good reputation for being one of the most attractive locations. The museum allows you to have a great opportunity to explore an immense collection of unique exhibitions.

Al Ain National Museum
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The most suggested activities to do at Al Ain National Museum

Begin your tour at Al Ain Museum by strolling through its different interesting parts where you’ll have the chance to explore numerous wonderful historical exhibitions.

While wandering among the fascinating exhibits displayed at the museum, do not forget to take some souvenir pictures inside its sections to remember all the details of your unique visit because this museum allows photography in all places.

Al Ain National Museum
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And now is the perfect time to commence discovering the numerous twists and turns of the museum, starting with this first stop. You’ll have the possibility to find a large collection of interesting exhibitions and antiques that are gathered from all over the world and presented according to age, as there are pieces dating back to the late middle ages, ancient history, the early middle ages, and prehistory.

After that, you will also enjoy viewing fascinating exhibits from various civilizations that will make you stop for a while and contemplate their ancient methods and how they used to live and you’ll be able to find the following civilizations in Al Ain National Museum Al Ain: the ruins of Mesopotamia.

Al Ain National Museum
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National Museum in Al Ain captivates a number of guests who are fascinated by the Islamic civilization. Thanks to this following corner that’s designated for presenting a collection of fascinating artifacts about the Islamic religion and you’ll be able to find rare copies of the Holy Quran.

And if you’re a maritime lover, you’ll be delighted to know that Al Ain Museum provides you with the chance to have a great time exploring a variety of captivating exhibitions that showcase the maritime history of the country in such a special method by granting guests the possibility to watch old boats, navigation tools, old ships, and fishing boats.

Al Ain National Museum
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Next, a whole section has been devoted to the military side of the country which will give you a great opportunity to get to know the war history of this country that’s showcased in such an interesting fashion through watching a number of valuable exhibitions such as Shields, spears, bows, and swords and daggers.

And now, it’s the ideal time to have a relaxing walk and lose yourself in the allure of Al Ain Museum because you’ll have a golden chance to enjoy watching a collection of charming artistic relics, such as Islamic art, folk art, ancient architecture and paint art.

Al Ain National Museum
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And what makes this museum even more interesting is that it allows you the opportunity to spend an amusing and educational day in such a unique place that fits all ages where you’re able to see various historical exhibits that illustrate the history of the country, such as collectibles that belonged to ancient rulers and mausoleums.

In addition to the fact that Al Ain National Museum is a site for preserving history and heritage, it also works on showcasing the history of the country, ancient and modern, through the pieces displayed in it, such as the exhibits that showcase the past and present achievements of the country and the amazing models of old forts.

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And after a while of touring the National Museum in Al Ain, you’ll start to ponder questions about how the ancient people used to live and you’ll be happy to know you’ll have the possibility to see a collection of exhibits that reflect their local history and daily life particulars, like old coins, old agricultural tools, old furniture, traditional wear, jewelry, models of traditional homes, old transport carts, and house stuff.

And if you’re interested in the native culture of the country and what they used to like, then the handicraft area is the right place for you because it will help you to learn more about the culture of the local citizens and paints a clearer picture of their lifestyle through plenty of wonderful handicraft works such as old carpets, clay pots, bronze utensils, glass crafts, and metal crafts.

National Museum in Al Ain
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And it’s like Al Ain Museum has an infinite amount of special artifacts because in addition to all of the exhibitions already mentioned, you’re also able to see a number of other exhibitions such as sculptures, rare manuscripts, old maps, and archaeological excavations.

Then, it is better to go to a corner at the National Museum in Al Ain in which you can see numerous unique exhibits which hardly can be found in any other destination like Imported Mesopotamian pots dating back 5,000 years ago, Dozens of copper and bronze weapons found in a cemetery in Qattara dating back nearly 4,000 years. and A moon rock that was given to the UAE by (NASA) following the historic Apollo 17 trip to the surface of the moon.


And you’re also able to find many different facilities and services in the museum that will make your trip easier such as gift shops, public toilets, and parking.

Al Ain Museum Entry Fee

For adults 50 AED

Attractions near Al Ain National Museum

What makes the museum so great is that it’s close to some of the most beautiful touristic attractions in Al Ain that visitors have the chance to visit after spending an amusing day at the museum such as Al Ain Zoo, that’s 10.49 KM away and Al Ain Oasis, that’s 5.29 KM away.

Hotels near Al Ain National Museum

Radisson Blu Hotel and Resort Al Ain is one of the best Al Ain hotels, which is 2.91 KM away, and one of the most wonderful 4-star hotels in Al Ain that presents a high quality of services and facilities to go along with a perfect spot.

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Danat Al Ain Resort and Hotel is one of the finest hotels in Al Ain that’s near the museum with a distance of 4.96 KM which is also known for its amazing location as well as for presenting great services it should also be mentioned that this hotel is recognized as one of the top 5-star hotels in Al Ain and has positive reviews from previous tourists.

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Al Ain National Museum location on the map

Where is Al Ain National Museum located ?

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What are the tourist attractions located near National Museum ?

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What are the entry fees for National Museum Al Ain ?

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