Top 5 Fun Things in Adventure Cove Waterpark Sentosa

If you’re searching for the best things to do in Sentosa or for a nice spot that you’ll be able to visit with your family, then the Adventure Cove Waterpark Sentosa is an excellent place for you as it is considered one of the most attractive tourist attractions which fit the liking of all ages where you’ll have the opportunity to escape the daily life routine and spend an enjoyable time in this place that’s visited by countless tourists yearly.

This park has gained a vast reputation among those looking for attractions in Sentosa for families due to providing various exciting attractions and water games all over its different areas which will definitely meet your standards.

Adventure Cove Waterpark Sentosa
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Things to do at Adventure Cove Waterpark Sentosa

Travelers usually commence their journey in Adventure Cove Waterpark Sentosa by taking a stroll in order to explore the collection of games available where you can see what you like most and organize your time and besides that, the park also has numerous sitting places that allow you to relax.

On your first stop at this amazing water park, we invite you to check out a collection of amusing family games, and you’ll also have the chance to benefit from the available swimming pools as well as the wave pools that offers you a real-life sea experience as they contain artificial waves
and on top of that, you’ll also be able to try out the lazy river which consists of shallow waters just enough for travelers to softly float along it, so visiting this water park is one of the best things to do in Sentosa with family.

Adventure Cove Waterpark Sentosa
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Let’s see the crazy part! There are a number of fun water slides that you will undoubtedly love in Adventure Cove Waterpark Sentosa where you can enjoy the water coaster that presents you with a wonderful experience similar to the ordinary roller coaster but with a water theme.

And in addition to all of the many games and attractions available at Adventure Cove Waterpark, you still have much more to see because this park has an additional number of unique games such as the rush of Big Bucket in Treehouse and the hydro-magnetic coaster.

Adventure Cove Waterpark Sentosa
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And now, it’s the right moment to introduce you to the amazing artificial beach available at Adventure Cove Waterpark where you’ll be able to have a special experience in this made-up set up which also has artificial waves in order for your trip to be as realistic as possible.
Additionally, you’ll also have a great chance to unwind in one of the various sun loungers provided by the establishment that are attached to sun umbrellas that give you the possibility to read a book or simply lie down away from the sunlight.

Adventure Cove Waterpark Sentosa
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Services and Restaurants

Adventure Cove Waterpark Sentosa possesses a variety of restaurants and cafes.

Adventure Cove Waterpark in Sentosa possesses all the essential services and facilities that guests need such as parking, public toilets, gift shop, and bathing booths.

Opening hours

Saturday: open 10:00 – 17:00
Sunday: open 10:00 -17:00
Monday: close
Tuesday: close
Wednesday: close
Thursday: open 10:00 – 17:00
Friday: open 10:00 – 17:00

Adventure Cove Waterpark Sentosa Entry Fee

For adults 24 SGD
For children 18 SGD
Prices last updated: Mon Dec 06, 2021
Click on the link for more information

Attractions near Adventure Cove Waterpark in Sentosa

What makes the park so amazing is that it’s near some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Sentosa that guests can visit after spending a great evening at the park such as The Wings Of Time Singapore that’s 2.38 KM away and The Madame Tussauds Singapore that’s 1.44 KM away.

Hotels near Adventure Cove Waterpark Sentosa

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel is one of the most wonderful hotels in Sentosa that’s located at a distance of 7.26 KM from the park which is known for its excellent location as well as offering outstanding service making it one of the best 5-star hotels in Sentosa.

Furama River Front Hotel is one of the top hotels in Sentosa that’s close to the park with a distance of 7.83 KM which is also known for its perfect site as well as for providing great services, and it should also be pointed out that this hotel is recognized as one of the best 4-star hotels in Sentosa.

Adventure Cove Waterpark Sentosa location on the map

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