Top 8 things to do in Achakkar Beach Tangier

Adding Achakkar Beach Tangier to the list as a tourist place is one of the romantic things to do in Tangier. One of the best attractions in Tangier is this beach where you’ll be able to experience a fun time on this alluring sandy beach and enjoy the mesmerizing views of the Al Boran Sea and admire the relaxing clear waters making it one of the most inviting summer vacation destinations that’s absolutely worth checking out.

This beach grants you a great opportunity to get away from the daily routine and have an entertaining visit with your friends and loved ones on one of the best Tangier beaches .

Achakkar Beach
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Best activities available in Achakkar Beach Tangier

• Begin your journey at Achakkar Beach Tanger by taking a walk in order to listen to the sound of the crashing blue waves that will free your mind and allows you to enjoy the enchanting scenes around you.

• And you’ll be delighted to know that there are plenty of sitting places where you have the chance to relax and enjoy the calmness of the sea away from the loud noises of the city.

• Next, we invite you to spend a fun time swimming in such a charming destination that will encourage you to live in the present moment and forget about everything else
so visiting this beach is one of the best things to do in Tangier with family.

Achakkar Beach Tangier
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• After you’re done swimming, we suggest that you relax and enjoy tanning under the magnificent sunshine by lying on the sun loungers that are available at Achakkar Beach Tangier which are accompanied by a collection of beach umbrellas.

• This beach is an ideal destination if you want to practice walking, running, jogging, and cycling thanks to the many walk paths available specially made for that.

• You have to check out the amusing boat tours available, where you can rent a small boat and use it for a water tour all around the beach.

Achakkar Beach Tangier
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• And if you like fishing, you’ll be happy to know that this beach grants visitors the chance to practice fishing in such an ideal location where you’ll be able to spend an enjoyable time catching several species of fish.

• One of the numerous reasons that gave Achakkar Beach Tangier such a huge reputation and made it one of the top destinations for tourists is that it offers you the opportunity to enjoy a thrilling camping experience encompassed by heaps of golden sand and appealing spectacles of the blue waves crashing on the shore and producing terrific scenes.

Achakkar Beach
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• The beach provides its visitors with a variety of essential services and facilities such as parking, bathing booths, and public toilets.

The nearby attractions of Achakkar Beach Tangier

The beach is encompassed by some of the most beautiful tourist places in Tangier that guests are able to visit after an amusing day at the beach such as Hercules Caves Tanger that’s 1.48 KM away.

Achakkar Beach Tangier location on the map

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